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Pre Order your childs S.W.S pictures Chiefs from Lifetouch

It is that time of year again.  Pictures for our S.W.S Chiefs teams will be taken on Wednesday October 10th, and Thursday October 11th.  You will take your picture on the night you have practice.  We will let you know at a later date what time your team will take their pictures.

Click on the link below to pre-order your child's S.W.S Chiefs picture package from Lifetouch

Clothing Fundraiser - Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who donated for the clothing drive this weekend.  It was a great success


SWS Board


Payment Coupons

Listed below are the payment coupons for the SWS League.  Please select the correct coupon for your son\daughters level.  Click on the link, open it, print it for your records and to send out the payments.   


Thank you


Player of the Week and Brick Wall Club

Have Action Pictures?

Do you have action picture of your child playing an SWS game and would like to share it?  If you do, please contact Derek Lord.  Once we have the picture, we will add it to the SWS Chiefs Photo's.

Click here for SWS Gear

We are pleased to announce that we have a new website for SWS gear. Check out the new page.

SWS Tuition Payment